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9 Top OBS Scripts to POWER UP OBS Studio with new features!

  1. AutoSplitter – automatically start and stop recording after a set amount of time
  2. Control Home Assistant – Control your home automation with OBS! Changing lighting, turn off A/C and more.
  3. Open Last Recording – Automatically open Explorer to your most recent recording as soon as you hit “stop recording”
  4. TallyPi – Control Tally lights over wifi with OBS and Raspberry Pis
  5. Default Scene on Startup – Automatically go to a specific scene every time you launch OBS.
  6. OBS Filter Hotkeys – Control individual source filters with hotkeys! Why isn’t this built in?
  7. SimpleSlides – Fix OBS’s broken Slide Show Source. Kinda.
  8. Markers for Reaper – Allow OBS to add file markers to your recordings that show up in Reaper. Useful for cut points, highlights, important moments, and more. If you edit in Reaper.
  9. OBS Notification Sounds – audible sound plays whenever you start or stop recording or streaming. A MUST, in my opinion.

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