Month : June 2020

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Full vs Partial Color Ranges EXPLAINED for Streaming (OBS Studio, StreamLabs OBS, etc.)

A subject of understandable confusion when it comes to streaming and content creation – especially with game consoles – is RGB Color Range settings. This...
Microphones Reviews

Elgato Project Wave Review – USB MIC + GOXLR = WIN | Wave:1 vs Wave:3 Explained

At CES 2020, Elgato Gaming (Corsair) revealed their first entry into a new kind of products: Microphones. A lot of mystery was built up around...
Capture Cards Reviews

“Can’tLink” Review: The cheapest capture card money can buy.. is actually WORTH buying?

Today’s capture card review is pretty fascinating. This capture card is the cheapest capture card you can buy, and is actually a worthwhile Elgato Cam...