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Capture Cards Linux Reviews

10 Best Gaming Capture Cards for Linux Users in 2021

Today a community member in our Discord server brought up an article recommending capture cards for Linux and… the recommendations weren’t great. The only name-brand...
Capture Cards Reviews

AVerMedia Live Streamer CAP 4K Review (BU113) – So Much More Than a Cam Link!

AVerMedia has released a new capture card in the “Cam Link” market and it… beats out just about every competing device, and is cheaper! $99...

PreSonus Revelator io24 Review – I’m ditching my GoXLR for this!

PRODUCT LINKS (affiliate): PreSonus Revelator io24 on B&H – PreSonus Revelator io24 on Amazon – PreSonus Revelator io24 on Sweetwater – For...
OBS Advanced Guides OBS Studio

9 Top OBS Scripts to POWER UP OBS Studio with new features!

AutoSplitter – automatically start and stop recording after a set amount of time Control Home Assistant – Control your home automation with OBS! Changing lighting,...
Reviews Webcams

Microsoft Modern Webcam & Streaming Gear Review

PRODUCT LINKS (Amazon Affiliate): Microsoft Modern Webcam – Microsoft Modern USB Headset – Microsoft Modern USB-C Speaker – Microsoft Modern Wireless headset...
Microphones Reviews

Audio Technica AT2040 & Rode PodMic Review (Head to Head)

Cheap microphones are getting good, and good microphones are getting cheap. This review is both for the new Audio Technica AT2040 and the Rode PodMic...
Capture Cards Reviews

ASUS TUF CU4K30 Review – 1440p60 & 1080p120 Capture over USB!

We FINALLY have another gaming capture card that can passthrough 1440p 144hz and capture 1440p60 – and even capture 1080p in 120 frames per second...
OBS Intermediate Guides OBS Studio

7 lesser-known OBS settings you should check!

Start Replay Buffer when Start Streaming If you’re unaware, OBS Studio has a neat feature that let’s you keep a running recording going but only...