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Twitch Introduces “Repeat Infringer” DMCA Policy

Twitch has completely rewritten their “Digital Millennium Copyright Act Notification Guidelines”.

Most notably, they’ve made changes to how Copyright Strikes work on Twitch: Strikes are no longer permanent. Strikes remain for an undefined period of time to “make sure the creator is not a repeat infringer” and then they are removed from the account. This is very similar to YouTube’s 90-day Strike policy.

Zach Bussey reports that many streamers have recently noticed strikes being removed from their account, likely in line with this policy update:

A channel that receives 3 strikes within the unspecified period of time will mark that channel as a “Repeat Infringer” – and presumably have the channel suspended or terminated as a result.


VOD settings are being introduced to allow creators to set VODs to un-published by default so that creators can check for copyright issues before publishing BUT unpublished content will not be safe from Copyright Strikes.

Deleted content is, however, safe from Copyright Strikes:

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