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Twitch finally hears everyone’s suggestion…


Twitch has finally listened to the request its users have had for years now and seem to be implementing a TikTok-like Discovery feed for Twitch Clips – announced at TwitchCon Paris 2023.

According to Twitch reps, this feed will prioritize clips based on conversions to new viewers – though it’s unclear how this will work when the streamer isn’t live, or if it will prioritize clips of live channels. Streamers will be able to mark clips as “Featured” to take priority in this new feed.

This feature will launch in Fall 2023, with some sort of beta/experimental testing starting soon.

Clearly, based on the video provided, this is a mobile-focused concept, but should help streamers with a little discoverability boost – something Twitch has been in dire need of for a long time. One of the more common ways Twitch streamers acquire new viewers is through clips on TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube Shorts – but there’s always friction in switching platforms, potential viewers fall off. Given Twitch clips are so popular in general, this is an obvious, much-needed adaptation of the feature.


Twitch also announced…. that they’re also launching Stories on mobile? (Right as YouTube is phasing them out.) Stories, Snaps, Fleets – whatever form they take – have been a controversial copypasta across every major website the past few years. I’m not sure it makes sense or will be more than the usual annoyance, but clearly Twitch is desperate to boost engagement with these new mobile features and hopefully it helps streamers reach new viewers along the way.

(In case you’re unfamiliar, Stories are a fleeting, short-form (usually 10 seconds or less, or a still image) post that only stays visible for 24 hours.)

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