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The ALMOST Perfect Camera – Nikon Z8 Review

The ALMOST Perfect Camera – Nikon Z8 Review


In this video, the reviewer explores the concept of the perfect camera and shares their experience with Nikon’s new Z8 full-frame mirrorless camera. They discuss the camera’s impressive specifications, shooting capabilities, and overall performance, highlighting its strengths and limitations for both photography and videography. Ultimately, they conclude that while the Z8 is not a perfect camera, it offers a comfortable shooting experience and produces excellent image quality.


The reviewer raises the question of what makes a camera perfect and expresses their constant quest for the ideal camera that meets their needs. They introduce Nikon’s Z8 as a potential contender to help answer this question.

The Nikon Z8

The video explores the features and capabilities of the Nikon Z8, emphasizing its impressive specifications such as 8.3K 60FPS video, 4K 120FPS internal RAW video, and a 45.7-megapixel sensor. The reviewer highlights the camera’s intuitive autofocus, customizable buttons, and comfortable grip. They also discuss the camera’s size and weight, noting that it strikes a balance between portability and functionality.

Photography Experience

The reviewer shares their positive experience shooting with the Nikon Z8, appreciating its ability to capture crisp and detailed images. They showcase sample photos taken with the camera, highlighting the full-frame sensor’s capability for cropping and printing. They express their enjoyment of using the camera, especially for outdoor shooting, and the overall satisfaction it brings in terms of image quality and ease of use.

View my sample photos on my Flickr photo album:


Videography Experience

The video discusses the Z8’s video recording capabilities, including 8K N-RAW footage and reliable autofocus. However, the reviewer notes that the camera lacks certain features typically found in cinema cameras, such as open gate recording, XLR inputs, monitoring scopes, and aspect ratio choices. They emphasize that the Z8 is primarily designed for videographers creating wedding videos and travel shots rather than serving as a primary video production tool.


The reviewer acknowledges that while the Nikon Z8 is not a perfect camera, it offers a comfortable shooting experience and impressive image quality. They reflect on the idea that the perfect camera is subjective and depends on individual preferences and needs. They express their fondness for the Z8 in terms of its photography capabilities and conclude by highlighting the importance of finding a camera that feels right and enhances the shooting experience for each individual.

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