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5 OBS Plugins to Improve your streaming Workflow!

Today we’re looking at 5 OBS Studio plugins that can improve your streaming workflow and make your life easier!

Not sure how to install plugins? Check out my guide on that to learn more!

Source Dock

The Source Dock plugin lets you add any source as a dockable panel within OBS Studio. Browser sources, video and media sources, anything really.

source dock plugin window

Add and remove these docks via Tools – Source Dock. Choose a source and then drag it and fit wherever you like. If you can’t snap it into place, make sure your UI is unlocked by going to View – Docks, and unchecking “Lock UI.” Just lock it back when you’re done.

With your new dock, you can seamlessly interact with browser sources – making for a much smoother navigation experience if showing off webpages and other web tools, or control your media sources to get them to the exact right spot, monitor and change audio levels, and so on.

This takes multi-viewing to the next level and could really improve how some streamers manage their streams.

source dock plugin in use in OBS Studio


DroidCam is an OBS app and plugin that lets you connect your phone over wifi or USB to add as a normal video capture device source. This lets you use your phone as a webcam for your main camera, or set up additional camera angles for wide views, overhead tabletop shots, guest cameras, and more.

The base app is free, but a one-time paid upgrade unlocks higher resolution video and additional settings.

DroidCam is available for both Android and iOS, but currently the best features are Android-only, such as being able to turn off the screen to reduce impact on your phone, as well as proper camera settings and controls. You already have a phone, so this is a free upgrade to getting that “walk with me” stream camera, or that extra angle you sometimes need, easily.

DroidCam transfers both sound and video.

color monitor pluginColor Monitor

The Color Monitor plugin helps you do just that by giving your a vectorscope, waveform, and histogram view for your sources to adjust your exposure and color settings just right.

You can either add them as sources to overlay directly on your video – which hurts framerate a LOT to render and you obviously want to hide them when you go live or record – or they’ve updated the plugin to add a dock for these tools so you don’t mess with what’s shown to viewers.

There are a ton of color grading tutorials on YouTube using these tools in various video editors, so you can follow those and combine the ideas with the built-in color correction tools in OBS or use the Color Grading tools given by the StreamFX plugin for even more granular control.

Transition Table

The Transition Table plugin gives you complete control over your transitions within OBS Studio.

By default, OBS uses whatever transition you have set under “Transitions”. As of a few updates ago, you could override this based on which scene you’re transitioning TO by right-clicking the scene and choosing “Transition Override”. But you can’t do anything more than that.

transition table plugin

Transition Table expands this capability and lets you fully customize which transition is used based on what scene you’re transferring FROM, TO, or BOTH, with duration control as well. So you can, for example, have your webcam scene always transition away from itself with a specific transition, but then use different ones when cutting TO that scene. This is really powerful and a MUST for setting up more dynamic stream profiles, in my opinion. Exeldro, the legend.

Replay Source

The Replay Source plugin lets you capture replays from specific sources and call them back in a media source. Even better, it can capture high frame rates from capture cards or game capture sources and play them back in slow-mo. Exeldro says his plugin has been used with Golf events with cameras running at insane framerates and slowed down just fine. Impressive.

replay source plugin

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