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Elgato announces EIGHT new products for streamers

Elgato announced so many things today in what is the most packed product announcement spree the company has ever done. From webcams to mic arms to a new Stream Deck, let’s talk about it all.


First up, Elgato announced the Elgato Facecam: A 1080p 60 FPS webcam that comes with “Camera Hub” software giving you access to controls like shutter speed and ISO – and saving settings to the camera so they persist past reboots and across PCs!

elgato facecam

Wave XLR

Next, Elgato took their “Wave Link” software – which allows for virtual audio devices and mixing, etc., and put it into a high-quality audio interface.

The Wave XLR runs at 48/96kHz, has 75dB of total gain available – enough to cleanly power gain-hungry mics like the Shure SM7b and ElectroVoice RE20 – and has a decent headphone amp. Plus, it has Elgato’s “Clipguard” feature – which is basically a safety track that runs at -20dB below the main track to swap whenever the speaker becomes too loud.

Wave XLR has swappable faceplates, as well.

Wave XLR

Wave Mic Arm & Wave Arm LP

Two microphone arms were announced: A tall one (Wave Arm) designed to reach over your computer monitors, and a low-profile one (Wave Arm LP) to go below your monitors or stealthily reach in from the side. These are competitively priced and high-quality.

wave mic arm LP

Elgato Stream Deck Mk.2

A revised Stream Deck has been released, to swap in place for the original. It features an improved stand, detachable USB-C cable, and swappable faceplates.

Misc. Releases

A few other smaller things have also finally been made available:

  • Light Strip Extensions
  • Master Mount S (shorter Multi-Mount)
  • Wall Mount
  • Studio Configurator (tool to plan out your studio)

Notably missing here was the colored Wave Panels or any new capture card.

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